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skincare's Journal

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skin care tips & tricks
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Simple rules:

1. Observe the LiveJournal TOS.

2. Debate is encouraged; ad hominem attacks (flames/insults) are not allowed.

3. No advertising. The past lenience on this rule got abused. Product recommendations are okay, as long as you reveal your relationship to the product if any. Web site addresses specific to you as a consultant or sales representative (i.e. which contain a consultant or sales representative ID) for a skin care or cosmetics line, whether in response to a question or not, are NOT okay. Other Web site addresses in response to a question, or as part of a question, are okay. Obvious ad copy is NOT okay. If it looks like an ad, don't be surprised if it disappears.

4. No idiotbabblespeak. This means: spell out words like "you", "people", "to", "for", "thanks", "ok", "easy", "anyone". I'm sure there are others, this list is not all inclusive, but if your message doesn't look like English I may delete it.

5. No quizzes or memes; that's what your personal journal is for. (This should go without saying.)

Maintainer: duelisthouston

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