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Argireline? - skin care tips & tricks

About Argireline?

Previous Entry Argireline? Jul. 9th, 2011 @ 11:10 pm Next Entry
This community needs to wake up!! I have a bunch of questions so I'll try my best to start things rollin' around here again :-)

How does everyone feel about ARGIRELINE? I've noticed it's being used in a lot of products lately (like Principal Secret products, and anyone else annoyed by those Hydroxatone commercials on tv?) and I'll randomly read "acetyl hexapeptide-3" on ingredients lists even when the product isn't maketing arigreline as one of its focus ingredients (this happened at Ulta the other day, I don't remember the product tho).

I keep trying to look up information about Argireline but reviews are mixed and most sites seem to be marketing so I can't trust them :-P So far I get the giist is the product works like a really weak Botox... but what I'm more interested in is people's personal experiences, please :-) A few women on the QVC Community message boards said they love Principal Secret products but I'm curious if it's the argireline that makes them so wonderful or maybe they're good b/c of other ingredients *shrug*

So what do you say, ladies??
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