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Favourite Fragrances Aug. 18th, 2010 @ 09:27 pm
Wow, i've just had a scroll down and realised there are massive gaps between posts on here :S eek! Now i've got 2 posts side by side.


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August Haul Aug. 17th, 2010 @ 06:55 pm
Hai all.
I posted this on my personal journal but none of my friends were interested, maybe it'll be more appreciated here LOL. It's an entry on hair, skincare/bodycare and make-up products i've bought this month and reviewed. There's quite a lot of make-up stuff in it though so i'll cut down on that next time I post something.

I've double checked to ensure there are no site references or any form of advertising, just my own opinion so hopefully this should be ok to post :)

By the way be pre-warned. This is an absolute monster of an entry, if you're interested in reading it I suggest you get fed, watered and have a loo visit prior to starting.

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Stuff I use on my face and in my hair and on my skin Aug. 15th, 2010 @ 09:18 pm
So, today while doing the weekly grocery shop at Sainsbury's, I paused (as I often do) in the skincare/haircare/etceteracare aisle, pondered a moment and wondered exactly what it is I spend my hard-earned pounds on. Which led to the following "Stuff what I use on my face and in my hair and on my skin" post. (Perhaps I ought to have named it "Stuff what I - deliberately - use on my face and in my hair and on my skin" post, because, as any lady living in London might tell you, things and/or stuff inadvertently gets in there. Don't ask.)
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Time of day to wash your face Jul. 16th, 2010 @ 04:48 pm
When I haven't washed my face for a few days, it starts flaking. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. No matter which kind of face wash I use, it helps if I use it every day. I just don't know what time since there's no telling what my skin will do on any day.

Should one wash one's face in the morning or before bed? Your input much appreciated!

IQQU Beauty May. 31st, 2010 @ 05:12 pm
Does anyone know if IQQU Beauty works? I'b=ve been thinking about getting it for a while but it cost so much I don't wanna buy it unless my pretty sure it'll work.

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» Shills Blackhead Remover Masque
I ran across this product on eBay and did a little research on google. I can't really seem to find a straight answer as to if this product works or not. Has anyone ever tried it?

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» Pore Packs

I bought a packet of Bioré Pore Packs and I was thinking of using them. However, because I have sensitive skin I don't know if this would be a good idea.

Any opinions? :/

Oh no! I just Googled 'sensitive skin pore packs' and I found this website: http://www.vivawoman.net/2008/08/15/pore-pack-nose-strips-effective-or-harmful/

» Red Skin
OKAY, I'm at a loss to solve and fix this skin problem I'm having, so hopefully some of you guys have an idea. :)

For the last couple of months, after I wash my face and moisturize, it will sometimes burst into bright, super, super hot red (like lobster red!) splotches that quickly take over my entire face and take a while to dissipate.

It's happened after using Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Ultra Moisturizer (for extra sensitive skin) and also after using a vitamin E cream. Sometimes it happens when I've used a face wash then moisturized, sometimes it doesn't seem to matter. I've tried to recreate every scenario I can think of to see what's causing it specifically, to no avail. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I'd change tactics if I knew what to avoid.

I don't (or didn't?) have any allergies.

The only thing I can think of that has changed is that I take a different vitamin/mineral supplement.

Any advice on what to do (and also how to lessen the redness/heat when it happens -- cold water strangely doesn't help!) is much appreciated! Thank you! :)
» best makeup products for covering dark spots?
Hi everyone! I just joined the community.

I have been frustrated with my acne for a while. It's not super severe... most of the time I only have 1 or 2 actively infected pimples on my face, sometimes I have bigger breakouts where I get a whole bunch of pimples at once, but what bothers me the most is the marks that are left behind. I have very pale skin, and even if I get maybe 1 pimple a week, it will leave a huge, dark, purple/red spot on my skin, like a dark bruise, and these marks do not fade away for months, so at any one time I have these really bad dark marks all over the place! They look SO BAD! I was keeping track of a specific one because I remember I got the pimple on Thanksgiving, to see how long it would still be there. That mark has faded somewhat, but it is still clearly visible, after all these months! I just hate these because they take forever to go away and by the time they eventually heal I have new ones anyway. It seems like even if I don't have a lot of pimples, my skin will always look hideous because these marks take such a long time to heal. I don't think they are technically scars, and they are pretty smooth, not swollen or bumpy or crater-like or anything, just very dark colored.

I currently treat my acne with Proactiv, and I honestly don't know if it's even helping. It's not making my skin perfect or anything, that's for sure. I have tried various prescription stuff, and that was about the same. Maybe it helped some, but I don't know, it wasn't that great. I've tried a bunch of products and haven't really found anything that will get rid of my acne. At this point I guess I can just deal with the fact that I will have a few pimples most of the time, the acne itself isn't really that bad, the dark marks are the worst part.

So what I really want is to find the best makeup to cover the dark marks. A lot of concealers just don't do it. I've gotten pretty good at using makeup to cover them, I look a lot better with makeup than without it, but the marks are still visible, just lightened and not as noticeable. I would like to share that so far my favorite product for this purpose is called Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick! This stuff is pretty great, but I am really curious what other products people have found and I would love to give some new products a try. Any recommendations? What makeup products have you tried that actually do a good job of covering acne and/or dark spots? I do use a good moisturizer all the time which I imagine helps the skin heal, but if there's anything else I should be doing to help them fade faster please let me know about that too! THANK YOU!
» Too Much?
Hello! This is my first time posting, and I have some questions.

In the beginning, I used to only use facial soap to wash my face. After going for facial sessions, it hasn't really seemed to help, except for the fact that my blackheads are periodically being removed and pimples squeezed. The lady who does my facials told me to get some products. So now, I'm using a facial wash, cleanser, toner and moisturizer [for oily and combination (sensitive) skin, which I have]; a clay mask which I use twice a week; and an exfoliator which I use once a week. My skin seems to be getting better, but not much. I have used all these products for a couple of months now.

Yesterday, when I went for my facial, the lady told me to get a purifying mask as well. I don't know about all of you, but it seems to me that I'm already using enough products! It's horrible because most of my friends just wash their faces twice a day and they have radiant skin.

So my question is: do these products really help? If not, what else can I do to help improve my skin condition?

I do exercise, and I drink plenty of water. I eat my vegetables and try to avoid fried foods. I don't touch my face and I make sure my hair is always pulled back away from my face. But yet I don't understand why my skin doesn't seem to be improving as much as I want it to be... It's terribly frustrating! Help, anyone?

Another quick question: Would working in a, let's say, fast-food restaurant compared to a yoghurt shop have any difference for my face? I'm thinking of switching jobs but I'm wary of places that deal with oily food...

Thanks in advance for your help!
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