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Wow, i've just had a scroll down and realised there are massive gaps between posts on here :S eek! Now i've got 2 posts side by side.


So this is my perfume collection :-

Ridiculous I know. I've picked out my top 5 day fragrances and my 2 favourite night fragrances.

Ok so i've kindda cheated. This is my first favourite perfume in the world however, I can't include it in my top 5 as it's been discontinued *uber gutted face*

Coty - Tribe I adore this perfume, this is only my second bottle because as mentioned before it was discontinued after I got my first one. My other half found this on a website 3 years ago and i've used it once...I'm too scared that'll it'll run out so I never wear it!

Okay. Number One (Day)

Versace - Baby Rose Jeans
A lovely light floral perfume, almost has a musky scent to it. I've had several bottles of this and a good few minis for my bag. It's difficult to find so I hope it's not on the way to being discontinued!

Number Two (Day)

DKNY for Women
Another gorgeous perfume, nice and light, reminds me of bubble bath! Love it. It's very popular so i'm assuming this will be on the market for a loooong time.

Number Three (Day)

Clinique - Happy In Bloom
Again another floral type scent (can ye tell what kind of smells I like?! lol) this actually has a hint of the Clinique - Happy fragrance in it, stronger that the previous scents I wear but stunning. Love the bottle aswell.

Number Four (Day)

Lacoste - Touch of Pink
Reminds me of the summer, I do wear this at night also but it's more suited to the day I think. Most people have probably had a wee sniff of this.

and Number 5 (Day)

Kenzo - Flowers
Another popular fragrance. I used to detest this as it reminded me of Parmaviolets (the sweets) which I cannot stand. I got it as a Christmas Present one year and I actually love it now. Same kind of scent, floral but pretty musky. I like it, can't say the other half does though, ah well, if I wear it he'll go buy me another kind ;) LOL

Okay so that's my day fragrances, I have 2 night fragrances which I tend to wear but sometimes i'll just use one of the above.

Number 1 (Night)

Ghost - Deep Night
This is just stunning, it reminds me of night-time on holiday...probably cos that's where I wore it but hey ho! Love it, it's not too strong, not too light...just lovely.

Number 2 (Night)

Lacoste - Love of Pink
This can be worn as a day fragrance too but I think it's a wee bit heavy for that, i've if been wearing Touch of Pink during the day I'll switch to this at night.

Wow. I never know how difficult it was to describe a fragrance! Haha.It was mostly about my favourites anyway, i'd be interested to hear of what your favourites are too.

Thanks for reading!

P.S picture quality isn't outstanding I admit, sorreee
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Date:August 8th, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)


OMG! Tribe was the only one I'd wear besides Jovan Musk (this was 18 years ago). Tribe was my absolute FAVORITE. I couldn't believe it when it was discontinued. Looking for it these days, it's sooo expensive. Maybe because it's not produced anymore? I'd love to own a bottle again. *sigh*
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From:Julie Jones
Date:March 15th, 2016 06:13 pm (UTC)

My favorite to

I first started using it in 1996 in Florida I moved to Georgia in 1997 I have not found it since I love it and would to have a bottle if you come across some please let me know how to get it
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