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The most beautiful Wedding dresses Jun. 19th, 2014 @ 05:14 pm

Tea Tree Oil Jan. 25th, 2012 @ 04:51 pm
What is everyone's experience with tea tree oil?

I read in another community that it's good for dandruff, and I happen to have--to put it simply--dandruff all over my body.

If anyone here has used it, I'm curious to know how it worked for you and how you used it (ex. infused in a wash/shampoo or applied pure).

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Oily Skin Aug. 3rd, 2011 @ 01:52 am
 I a problem with my skin being too oily. i would like to know if there is anything i could use/do, to prevent it from getting AS oily as it does. i cleanse in the am & pm. and then moisturize after each time. i dont put anything else on my face except for the medication my derm recommended for red spots(RETIN-A).
I carry blotting papers with me and have to use 3+ a day. Thats how bad it gets, like you can see the oil all over my face. other than that my skin is clear. but i hate the feeling of my skin being really oily during day.

Vitamin C Jul. 10th, 2011 @ 08:43 pm
A lot of women I know in real life are using Vitamin C products, generally in their morning routines. They keep telling me how fantastic it's made their skin but when I ask for specifics they can't give me anything besides "glow"... do any of you women also love Vitamin C products? Which ones should I check out?
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Argireline? Jul. 9th, 2011 @ 11:10 pm
This community needs to wake up!! I have a bunch of questions so I'll try my best to start things rollin' around here again :-)

How does everyone feel about ARGIRELINE? I've noticed it's being used in a lot of products lately (like Principal Secret products, and anyone else annoyed by those Hydroxatone commercials on tv?) and I'll randomly read "acetyl hexapeptide-3" on ingredients lists even when the product isn't maketing arigreline as one of its focus ingredients (this happened at Ulta the other day, I don't remember the product tho).

I keep trying to look up information about Argireline but reviews are mixed and most sites seem to be marketing so I can't trust them :-P So far I get the giist is the product works like a really weak Botox... but what I'm more interested in is people's personal experiences, please :-) A few women on the QVC Community message boards said they love Principal Secret products but I'm curious if it's the argireline that makes them so wonderful or maybe they're good b/c of other ingredients *shrug*

So what do you say, ladies??
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» (No Subject)
I've just posted my skincare routine/review of products for combination/oily skin on my blog:

smooshkissxx.blogspot.com if anyone is interested :)
» Facial Masks

Hello girls! Happy New Year!
I just joined the skincare community since I love learning, chatting and sharing about skincare products! I would like to know if any of you who have tried both My Beauty Diary facial masks and Silk Whitia masks would tell me which one they like best? Thanks <3

» My Beauty Diary: Pearl Powder Beauty Mask
About a little over a week ago I did a review on My Beauty Diary and its moisturizing aloe mask (which if you recall what I said: it was like my face was having an orgasm). They're found here (aloe mask) and here (My Beauty Diary Top 5 Best Sellers Pack).

This past Friday I went ahead and tried the Pearl mask.

From memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com since I was too lazy to take my own picture

Refer to the package all the way on the left with the bows on it. I know the old packaging doesn't necessarily have bows on them. I used to be plain white.

According to My Beauty Diary, it's supposed to be a whitening mask that softens the look of your skin and restores dull and damaged skin. The research I've done on this mask indicates that it doesn't actually whiten your skin, but more accurately brightens it. It's also fact that it's all the rage in Asia to consume pearl powder to improve beauty, but note that it's never been proven that applying pearl powder topically will improve skin.

Same with the last mask, these are relatively affordable (compared to other masks; price breakdown in the aloe mask review). The packaging was very nice. It has a very pleasant smell and its very easy to apply. Quote: "When I took the mask out of its packet it was very nicely hydrated. No excess serum was left on the bottom of the packet, yet the mask was sufficiently soaked with it." Also: "It comes with slits as many beauty masks do and from what I can see it can conform to many face shapes and sizes. It's very very slightly stretchy if you need to stretch it in a few places (for example: eyes or nose area), but overall there's not much stretching that needs to be done." Like other My Beauty Diary masks, you can massage the excess serum that gets onto your hands from application onto your neck and hands.

Quick Tip #1

I choose to applying this mask this week because due to stress my skin had started turning a bit yellow (Asian genes popping right out). Overall it was very dull. I thought the pearl mask would be the perfect solution.

What do I think of this mask? Well, it's tingly (in a nice way) like the aloe mask, but I don't get QUITE as much of a cooling sensation. It stays on quite nicely even though I sat up for the duration that I had the mask on (I hate masks that slide right off the face). When removed I could visibly see that a lot of the yellow sheen that I had to my skin was gone. By the next morning the majority of the yellowness had disappeared. I agree with other users that this mask doesn't exactly whiten the skin: it brightens it. HOWEVER, note that this was from one use. Continued use might actually help whiten your skin.

( More Here )
» Review: Estee Lauder Lipsticks

Review of Estee Lauder's Sultry Blush (from Futurist Collection) and Plumwood Lipsticks.

Sultry Blush (14) is SOOOO pretty!!! =D

BTW: I need tips on how to wear Plumwood. :( I don't know what to do with it. Eeek!
» Anew Ultimate Contouring Eye System Review
I originally made this video for youtube (oops), but I've extended it to LJ too. It's a review on Anew Ultimate Contouring Eye System. I've been searching around for a good eye cream since, being a college student, I end up staying late and rubbing my eyes a LOT. This is pricier than drug store creams, but I don't think it's as expensive than something from Estee Lauder or the other high end ones.

Please ignore the odd screen shot. -_____-

And yes, I'm a 2nd year uni student even thought I look young. T____T

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